Since its creation in December 2010, Alvéole has been developing innovative solutions for the cellular microenvironment control with an automated cell handling platform and a catalog of miniaturized devices to precisely control multiple parameters of the environment of living cells.

Targeted fields of application are live cell assays, cell and tissue engineering for research, toxicology and drug development.


Based on innovations in microfluidics, nanotechnology and super-resolution microscopy, Alvéole develops solutions:

  • Easy to use without special training
  • Suitable for standard cell culture protocols
  • Suitable for standard cell imaging methods (phase contrast, fluorescence, confocal, etc.)
  • Suitable for standard cell culture dishes (Petri dish microplate 12, 24, 48, 96 wells ...)

Original Laboratory

  • Physics and Biology Department, École Normale Supérieure (CNRS, ENS)
  • Institut des Neurosciences de Bordeaux (CNRS UMR5297)

Prizes/awards and partnerships

  • Member of the  Paris Biotech Santé incubator (2011)
  • Awarded at Worldwide Innovation Challenge in the category of individualized medicine (2014)


PRIMO, a first product for the printing of proteins, is being marketed. 3 miniaturized devices for microenvironment control are being industrialized.


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