Quattrocento focuses on Life science projects coming from Ile-de-France laboratory research teams that want to maintain their academic vocation.

  • Rooted geographically in the heart of Paris’ Latin Quarter, Quattrocento is involved in the industrial emergence of Ile-de-France scientific research, one of the most innovative and competitive research areas for Life Sciences in Europe.
  • Quattrocento is specifically dedicated to projects supported by scientific teams who want to identify technical applications for their work and inventions while continuing their academic research.
  1. Life sciences
  2. Very competitive
    Ile-de-France research
  3. Researchers’ vocation is strictly academic


Industrialist for early-stage phases: Quattrocento identifies and evaluates innovative technology projects before speeding up their development with financial and managerial resources.

  • From the very beginning of the project, Quattrocento provides the experience and skills that usually exist in mature companies. Then, development is accelerated and implementation risks are reduced.
  • For each project carried out, Quattrocento creates a subsidiary. Starting with academic researchers, a full “project team” is set up with all the necessary skills for start-up: marketing, management, product development and science.
  • Quattrocento funds and operationally manages its subsidiaries during early-stage phase, from idea to prototype. Then Quattrocento drives project deployment from industrialization to product marketing.
  1. Private funding
  2. Direct project management
  3. Managerial experience from the very beginning


With an ad hoc structure for each project, Quattrocento initiates promising projects that would not have emerged otherwise.

  • With a focus on scientific projects of excellence, which stay hidden in laboratories due to a lack of entrepreneurs, Quattrocento opens new perspectives for technology transfers.
  • An industrialist for early-stage phases, Quattrocento is a natural partner for accelerators of technology transfer, commercialization services and business incubators and clusters.
  1. Emergence of hidden projects
  2. New opportunities for technology transfers
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